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NRI property management services are now available to Anant Realties’ clients as part of our effort to meet the needs of the NRI community. Additionally, Anant Realties’ NRI services include closely collaborating with its clients at every stage of the home-buying and property-management processes in Gurgaon.

We offer hassle-free property investments, maintenance, and related services to overseas NRIs in Delhi NCR from the convenience of their own homes. Our expert management specialists are in a perfect position to assist our clients in locating and creating an unique property portfolio in rising cities like Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, etc.

We have a holistic perspective thanks to our extensive experience providing property management services for NRI investors, who trust on our expertise for their asset investment and management.


There are many investment opportunities for NRIs in India such as –

Direct Equity
Mutual Funds
Fixed Deposit
National Pension Scheme
Public Provident Fund
Real Estate.
Of these options, Real Estate is considered most stable and a more rewarding form of investment in India.

No, any person who is not of Indian origin and who resides outside India cannot purchase immovable property in India. The only exception is if they acquire the property by way of inheritance from a person who was a resident in India.

It is illegal for foreigners to own property in India unless they live there for at least 183 days out of the year. With a tourist visa, foreigners are only allowed to stay for 180 days and cannot purchase real estate.

The purchase of real estate in India cannot be done jointly by a foreigner and a non-eligible person.

if you sell your property within 3 years after buying this. It’s a short-term capital gain,   After 3 years, any sale of the property is regarded as a long-term capital gain.

The tax on long-term capital gains is 20% plus a 3% cess. The short-term capital gains tax is calculated by adding the short-term capital gain to the individual’s total income and applying the appropriate slab rate.

You can adhere to Section 54 if you want to reinvest your gains. Check out section 54EC if you don’t want to reinvest in real estate. This clause enables an exemption if the capital gain amount is invested in a specific type of bond.

You can only purchase residential and commercial property in India if you are an Indian citizen living abroad. In India, you cannot purchase agriculture, plantation property, or even a farmhouse.

There is no restriction on how many residential or commercial properties an NRI can purchase in India. However, an NRI is not permitted to purchase any agricultural or plantation land.

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